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Apparition (U.S.) / The Nesting (International)

Apparition is a supernatural thriller exploring the themes of love, death, and the fragility of the mind. When Doug's fiancee, Lori, is killed in a car accident, he retreats to their isolated farmhouse to deal with his loss. Left to grieve amid years of memories, Doug realizes he has not returned alone. As he learns the tragic history of the farmhouse, supernatural occurrences leave him fearing for his sanity, and reveal a secret Lori took with her to the grave. Struggling to determine whether what he is seeing is real, or all in his head, Doug finds solace in the company of Jamie, a local grad student. As their friendship deepens, Doug draws her with him into the horrifying events unfolding in the old farmhouse.


Wicked Blood

Hannah and Amber Baker are trapped in a dark Southern underworld of violence, drugs and bikers. Both live in fear of their "Uncle Frank" Stinson, the ruthless leader of a crime organization.


Magic Boys – Diamond Heist (UK)

After witnessing a murder, a hapless pair of misfits escape their own near death experience by posing as male strippers - only to find themselves neck deep in even bigger trouble.




Breaking Wind

A comedic spoof based on the worldwide phenomenon, The Twilight Saga.


In the Bag

Two friends move into their new pad and see a felon on the run from the police hiding a bag in their back yard. That night they investigate and find that the bag is full of cash. One of the dudes wants to keep the money; the other is concerned about the police and the bad guy. A plan is devised to keep the loot, escape from the felon and not inform the police. At least that's what they think. Written By Jody Quigley.

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