The Rebel Son

(2011) - Action/Adventure/Love Story

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A fast moving and sometimes violent adventure love story set during the Rhodesian War of Liberation and moving from the good life of the Bahamas and Manhattan to the African bush. The hunting trip of wealthy young Philadelphian Jake Fallon, a Vietnam veteran, explodes when a commercial aircraft is shot down by terrorists and his friend is brutally butchered.

Saved by and falling for Sarah, a stunning African girl, he is pulled into the liberation war to find the truth about the woman he loves and the baby he lost. He forces Sarah to leave and enter the first world of his wealthy Pennsylvania family, bigoted mother and sorrowful brother. Jake joins up with the Rhodesian military and seeks out his vengeance on his friend Brian’s killers. When he achieves his shocking revenge, he turns to the task of uncovering what really happened to his baby – and what he finds is truly deplorable. The Rebel Son is a story of love and vengeance, of violence and kindness, and of history and future. Through it all, Jake Fallon loses the man he once was – a man who cared little for anyone but himself – and becomes the friend, husband, and father he was meant to be. Now available in Hardback, Kindle AND Audio Book version on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.