About the Author

Guy Quigley was born in Ireland to a second-generation thespian family. He was educated in Ireland, where he left the theatre and entered the business world. He is married with three children, born in 1971, 1975 and 1980 and has six grandchildren to date. As Sales Manager of a London (U.K.) based Company he increased sales by 280%. In 1969, he sold the company in favor of a joint venture with his wife in a cattle estate in Zambia, Central Africa, also the country of her birth.

From 1970 through 1979, Guy built the property to 40,000 acres with 5,000 head of cattle and imported 100 pedigree Simmentaler cattle from Bavaria, Germany via three Boeing 707 Skybarn aircraft, establishing the first pedigree Simmentaler stud in Zambia. Until prohibited during the the Zimbabwe liberation war, he owned and operated a real estate company in Salisbury (Harare City), Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) acquiring a Private Pilot’s License for his travel between cattle estates in Zambia and offices in Rhodesia. In his spare time, he wrote two fictional novels entitled, “The Smoke That Thunders,” and a children’s story, “The Little People,” for his daughters. The ever-present threatening situation of living in a host nation to a neighboring liberation war eventually prompted their departure.

Guy started over yet again and moved to the United States in August 1983, and became a consultant for Ophir International, Inc., where he developed one of the first lines of resemblance French perfumes in the United States.  He formed The Quigley Corporation in 1989, filed an S-18 registration and the company became a public entity on February 7, 1991, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol (QGLY). He successfully developed and marketed a cold remedy zinc product under the franchise name COLD-EEZE®, establishing the United States zinc-lozenge marketplace. The product remains on the shelves of most outlets in the United States. He resigned from the Company he created some twenty years earlier and retired on June 12, 2009.

Guy has found writing to be of tremendous therapeutic value and a full circle return to his birthroots.